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  Mindstorms in Education

The Lego Group has released Mindstorms Robotics Invention System in September 1998. The Mindstorms RIS consists of touch sensors, light sensors, rotational motors and a main building block that houses a microprocessor, which is programmable via an Infra-Red communications port, linked to a PC. This robotics-in-a-kit product essentially enables the learning of modern robotics in school. This web site aims to act as a resource center for parents, educators and researchers who would like to use Mindstorms for educational purposes.


Educational Online Resources

Project News

  • Kin W. Lau, Pavel Petrovic, Heng Kiat Tan and Ben Erwin are working on interi-continental project to propose an educational model for using Mindstorms in high-school education. They are planning to do an online demographic survery soon. The finding of their undertakings will be made available eventually.

  • Pavel Petrovic is running a pioneer Mindstorms lab for high-school students in Norway.

  • Franz-Michael S. Mellbin is working to find out whether Mindstorms is good for K-6 education.

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